Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Second Pattern Release: The Cozy Cable Knitted Warmer

I released my second pattern yesterday: The Cozy Cable Knitted Warmer. For over a year, I have been selling these in my shop and have always received positive feedback from happy customers. I actually released this pattern at the request of one of those happy customers. 

I only sell one size in my shop and it fits most individuals from the ages of 5 up to adults. However, for the pattern, I included directions for a toddler/child size, which I recommend for 2-4 year olds or any younger petite child.

The image above shows my 3.5-year-old niece modeling the toddler/child size and the image below shows my five-year-old niece modeling the adult size. 


The cozy cable knitted warmer can also be worn as a small neck warmer. Some of my customers have started wearing theirs this way and they love how soft and cozy it feels.

This is an intermediate level pattern, due to the cabeling required, but the cabeling is basic and nothing to fear. This warmer makes for a quick project. I can make one in just a little over an hour. You might find yourself making one for every day of the week or for all your family and friends.

The pattern is available on etsy or craftsy! If you make one, please share! I would love to see your work!

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year, New Goals, First Knit Pattern

Hello to a new year, a new look, and a new (or renewed) determination to blog this year! Last year was such a busy year, with more home remodeling projects, new sewing endeavors, shop growth, and new adventures. This year my desire is to faithfully share the new projects of 2016 here, even if only for myself. I used to be an avid journal keeper as a teen, but in the techno world of today, blogging is a great way to record the memories and adventures of a year. 

Today I want to share with you my first goal of the new year, which I have, in part, already achieved or at least started. And that is pattern designing. When I first learned to sew, which was about 3.5 years ago, I discovered the world of PDF patterns. Thanks to them, learning to sew was such a quick and rewarding process. I never would have learned so quickly with store bought patterns that back then looked to be written in a foreign language. Anyways (fast forward to this past year), I more recently discovered PDF knit and crochet patterns. Knitting and crocheting were really my foundations for crafting, as I have been knitting since I was 16 or 17 and crocheting since I was around 10 or 12.

I have always been a pattern follower, never really daring to branch out on my own, until a few months ago when a friend first put the thought in my mind by asking me if the crochet project I was working on was my own pattern. When I responded by saying "no," they asked why I had never tried to make my own thing. My response was "I don't know," which was immediately followed by my own mental challenge of "Why not???"

Anyways, long story short, this past Friday, I released my first knit PDF pattern!!! The Striped Infinity Scarf!

The Striped Infinity Scarf

When I first sat down to draft a pattern, I thought I needed to come up with something great, something complex that would wow! And then it hit me that what people really want, at least I know it is what I often look for in a pattern, is something that looks "wow!" but is NOT complicated. It was from this thought that the Striped Infinity Scarf was birthed. For an expert knitter, this scarf could be made with closed eyes, but for the beginner or newbie knitter, this scarf is approachable and will produce the most satisfying feeling of creating something that looks "wow!" without the hair pulling.

Additionally, in this fast paced world, we all like instant gratification. We often don't have the time or patience to spend weeks on a project. That is why I love working with Super Bulky yarn! Projects go much quicker.

Lastly, though I love handmade items, I don't really like something I make to look "homemade" at least in the sense that it looks like something my grandma knitted me in the last century. Of course, that is not to knock such items! I love the history and unique beauty of those things; you just won't find me wearing them. So my goal with this scarf was to create a modern, chic look, hence the stripes and toggle button cuff addition.

When I look at the end result, I feel that I accomplished these three goals of simplicity, relative quickness, and fashionable style. Hopefully, you will agree with me on that. :)

The Striped Infinity Scarf pattern is available both on etsy and craftsy. If you purchase the pattern, I hope you will share your creations with me! The pattern gives instructions for both adult and child sizes, with notes on further size customization.

Thanks for following my first design journey. Another knit pattern will be releasing in about a week. My tentative goal is for two patterns a month. Now that I have written that I hope it will hold me accountable!

Happy Crafting all! 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Introducing Miss Julie: The Second Pattern in the Swoon Vintage Collection

*This post includes affiliate links. 

I have been doing quite a lot of bag sewing lately, although as usual, I am too lazy or busy to blog about them. However, I had to make an exception with the last bag I just sewed, as she is beyond fabulous! So I decided to roll out the red carpet (or in this case, five yards of interfacing) for this royal beauty's introduction.

I am pleased to introduce you to my tester version of Miss Julie, the Second Soon-To-Be released pattern of the Swoon Vintage Collection!

Julie: The Ring-Top Handbag
I am pretty much in love with her! I have to say that I set a record with this bag when it came to picking out the fabric I would use. Usually, it takes me forever to dig through my ridiculous stash of fabric, often coming away thinking I have nothing I like or trying to decide between different combinations. As soon as I went to look in my stash, this fabric, which I have had for close to two years, immediately caught my eye and there was no deliberating about it. I knew it was perfect! By the way, both the exterior and interior fabric are Benartex prints.

I have also had these bamboo handles (which I bought at Jo-Ann's) for ages and was thrilled to finally use them! One thing great about this pattern is you can make your own handles out of fabric and some inexpensive tubing or you can use pre-made ones, like I did. The pattern includes excellent instructions for making the handles. I will say, for me, the most difficult part of sewing this bag was top stitching along the bottom of those handles! But it can be done, with a little dose of patience and determination.

Another thing I love about Julie is her vintage look with a slight modern, convenient touch; that is her removable strap, which allows for hands-free carrying.

The strap is optional and even if you include it, it can be completely hidden as the strap connectors are tucked nicely away.

Julie has two slip pockets (both an interior and exterior) and plenty of room inside to tote around all the items you could need for a classy night on the town.

Julie will be released this week, and you will be able to purchase her two different ways, either as an individual pattern or you can purchase the Swoon Vintage Collection Subscription. The Swoon Vintage Collection Subscription includes all 12 vintage PDF patterns that Swoon will be releasing over the course of a year, at a very discounted bundle rate. You will receive each of the 12 patterns as they are released. In fact, you get them earlier than the general public! More details about Swoon's subscriptions are available on the Swoon website.

Now put on your pearls and heels and some lacy gloves and take Julie out on the town in style! :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Celebrating 350 Likes with a Giveaway

Over the weekend, Accents by MeMe Mae reached over 350 likes on facebook! And I haven't forgotten my promise to celebrate with a giveaway! It just so happens that today I listed a new item that I am pleased to announce will be the prize of this giveaway: the 3/4" Initial Charm Necklace!

Initial/personalized necklaces seem to be the "it" thing today, as I see them everywhere! I really love their simplistic elegance! Anyways, one lucky winner will receive this necklace, with their choice of initial and one of three styles of an 18" chain. All components are lead and nickle free. Anyways, feel free to check out the shop listing here for a more detailed description of the necklace. Thank you all for your support!

*Giveaway opened to US residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Introducing Melody: The Expandable Tote

For anyone who has followed or read my blog, you know I have a thing for Swoon Sewing Patterns! Okay, maybe more than a thing, maybe a borderline obsession! ;) LOL I have had the privilege of testing Swoon patterns for over a year now, and you might think that eventually the patterns would become routine or you know, less surprising and impressive. After all, how many amazing designs can one person continue to create? Wouldn't they run out of ideas eventually??? Perhaps, this is true for some pattern designers, but it definitely isn't the case with Swoon!

Once again, the lovely Alicia has wowed me! It is my privilege to present to you Miss Melody: The Expandable Tote!

Isn't Miss Melody a classy, sweet girl? She has definitely won the affections of her Swoon testers! (Pssstt a little bird told me there are some lovely pictures at the end of this post of some other Swoon testers' Melody's!)

And why not!?!?! This girl has some special features that make her unique, beautiful, and functional. As said above, Melody is an expandable tote, which explains the need for her side magnetic snaps! Not only do they allow the bag to expand or close with a simple, quick snap, but when closed, I think they had an extra special dimensional touch! Also take note of her side seam stripes! Love this feature! Talk about adding a fun pop of color!

Another special touch: The SNAP TAB! Love this functional touch!

As you can tell, Melody also has her own unique style of handles, which I loved making! Vinyl tubing is an optional touch for the handles, which will give them more dimension. I didn't have any on hand, but the beautiful thing is that I can still add them! :) I also love the o-rings! Hardware just adds a special touch to any bag I think.

Melody also has a mediumish size interior pocket, perfect for holding your phone, keys, lip gloss, and some cash or a small wallet. (Please excuse her wrinkles! She is still a little rumpled from her turning!)

So my final verdict??? PERFECTLY SWEET! Melody is an easy sew for experienced baggers and a safe project for even the inexperienced bagger to approach! Regardless, it is a project with beautiful results! She is just the right size for toting around the essentials and adding some jazz to your style! :) Stylish, functional, and perfect like all things Swoon! Make sure to be watching for her release on the Swoon website! I think I heard a rumor that she will be released sometime this week, like maybe FRIDAY! Just in time to whip out say one or two or ten for Christmas presents!!! :) While you eagerly await her release, check out these other beautiful Melody's by some very talented Swoon testers! They are sure to inspire you!

This Blue-Eyed Beauty was made by Sincerely Jen!

This Alice Wonder was made by Heather of Squatch!


This Featherlicious Delight was made by Sandra of Sew Sandra!

This Pop of Elegance was made by Trish of Lemon Drop Creations

This Budding Blossom was made by Amy of Silly Sea Turtle!

This Suave Suede was made by Sheri of Sassypants Satchels!

And last, but definitely not least, is this Floral Gem made by Amanda of In Stitches!

If these lovely Melodies don't inspire you, then I am afraid nothing will! ;) But I know that won't be the case! :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Bracelets Are In The Shop and Giveaway Announcement

Bracelets hit the shop Wednesday, and to celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway on the facebook page. Two lucky winners will receive a free bracelet of their choice from the shop! Enter here today! Just look at these pretties!!! You know you want one. :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Long Time No Blog

Oh boy! I have been so negligent with you my dear blog! It was one crazy long and busy summer, as my husband and I bought our first house and completely remodeled it ourselves (pictures to come one of these days)! There are still some things to finish but the inside is practically brand new and we are loving it. We have been living there for almost two months; however, as soon as we moved in, I started my final two grad courses for my program, so I have done little organizing and unpacking....simply the essentials. Currently, I am in the final week of school and as soon as I am done, I will be tackling one box at a time. Of course, my first priority will be getting my sewing room completely unpacked. :)

Also, with the completion of our big summer project and the end of grad school for me, I am looking forward to devoting more time to sewing, blogging, and my little shop. I am in the process of creating a new addition to the shop: BRACELETS!!! :) I shared these pics on my facebook page over a week ago, but I will share them here as well.

Don't you love the simple, sweet look?

I am so into the nautical theme!

If all goes well (meaning I put the pedal to the metal and get my final assignments finished and submitted), I hope to have these lovely ladies up and listed in the shop this coming weekend. So be on the look out! :)

Well time to get back to writing my final grad paper! Happy Sewing all!