Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello Again

I apologize for the long absence. With all the holidays, a trip to Hawaii (to celebrate a belated 1-year anniversary), and lots and lots of sewing, I have been negligent about posting. I am determine to do better. I find myself diving into one project after another and get so consumed with them that I fail to pause and take pictures. I have taken some pictures, so I will post some later to give an overview of  the projects I have been undertaking.

I should mention that my wonderful husband bought me a serger for Christmas. I am embarrassed to say that I finally used it for the first time a week and a half ago. I was so intimidated by the beast! Yes, it looks all docile but inside, it is a threading maze! Finally, though, I sat down and watched the DVD that came with it and read the manual and now I can successfully thread it (with the aid of the manual). Can I just say that everything I have read about sergers is true? They create an amazing seam and finish off edges so nicely! I still have much to figure out about my new machine but I am in love already. The machine came threaded with white thread, which was nice; however, white does not match everything, so I looked into purchasing some more thread. I tried Jo-Ann's, but I was very discouraged with how expense each spool was and I needed four of each color! So I did some research online and found this excellent place to buy the thread I needed: I paid a $1.94 for each (you must buy four of one color to get this price or else they are a $1.99 for each). The more of one color you buy, the cheaper it is. I got four spools of six colors. I chose the colors that I would consider are the sewing staples: white, grey, khaki, blue, and black. I also chose a pink because much of the fabric I recently purchased has pink in it. Not only was the thread price great, the shipping price and speed are excellent. I was charged $4-something for shipping; shipping is free for purchases of $100 or more. Also, I ordered the thread Monday morning and it is scheduled to be here today! You can't beat that! 

Anyways, project pictures to come!