Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Blessed Day

So today has been a great day for many reasons! First, I got 100% on my Educational Philosophy paper, which was 20% of my grade for one of my grad classes that just ended Sunday. This was the last grade I was waiting to receive for this term. :)

Then the next great thing was I won my very first sewing contest! It was a pattern naming contest for Ellie Inspired! My name suggestion was chosen for her latest pattern Texas Rose!!! This means I got the pattern for free! It is adorable!!! I am planning on making it for my oldest niece's third birthday next month. Right now, you can get the pattern at a discounted price, so what are you waiting for??? Go get it!

The third great thing about today was the fact that I finished my beautiful new Eleanor Slouchy Hobo bag. This beautiful pattern is from Paco Bean and I highly recommend it! Here is a link to my review of the bag and some pictures of the completed beauty. Check it out! No, don't just check it out! Buy the pattern and make one for yourself, so you can be as pleased as I am with my new beautiful bag! I can't wait to make another one!!!

Okay I will post a picture here too! Just because it is beautiful enough to look at twice! :)

P. S. Did I mention this was my reward for all my hard work the last 8 weeks of this past term??? ;)