Monday, February 24, 2014

Some Baby Sewing (not for me, for my cousin!) ;)

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Happy Monday Everyone! Hope the sun is shining wherever you may be. It definitely isn't here. :( But spring is on its way!

Several months ago, my cousin found out that she was having a baby boy, which was pretty exciting! Of course, my first thought was "I don't know what to make for boys! I don't think I have any boy patterns or boy fabric!" What would I do? What DID I do? :)

Well her shower was yesterday, so I can now share with you what I made, and I am so excited to do so!

First up are the lovely little baby hats I made using the Lullaby Line Hats and Scratch Mitts pattern by Peek-a-Boo!

Aren't they little cuties???? I seriously am in love with this pattern! It is so easy to follow and such a quick sew! It probably took me less than a half hour to make both of these from cut to finish! There are also three different hat style options: the two pictured here and a single knot version. You also get the pattern pieces and instructions for making scratch mitts! I have not made them yet but they look as quick and fun to sew as the hats! I used my serger to make these hats but the instructions are written for either regular machine or serger sewing. This is an excellent beginner project for anyone new to sewing or sewing with knits! They make excellent baby shower gifts! I heard many women awing over them yesterday. :)

By the way, I used knit fabric from Girl Charlee to make these hats! If you have never bought or seen their beautiful selection of knit fabrics, you are missing out!

The next thing I made was an Infinity Nursing Scarf!

I discovered infinity scarves back in December or November (sometime before Christmas) and fell in love with them! I made several as gifts, if you remember from this post. Well I have seen these nursing scarves all over pinterest and etsy and I just had to make one! It turned out perfect! See the cute little label I made to roll it up in?

As you can see, I used the same Girl Charlee fabric for the scarf as I did for one of the hats, so mommy and baby can be matchy matchy!

Next, I made some burp cloths using this tutorial. (There is a FREE pattern!!!)

Aren't they darling??? They are designed to accommodate your neck perfectly! I seriously love them! They are reversible, so you could use two different prints for two different looks. Or you could just use the same print on front and back, like me! I used flannel for both sides, unlike the pattern designer who used quilting cotton for the front, which would be fun too! For the owl cloth, I added a layer of fleece in the middle to make it more know for those really messy days! I got the idea from this blog. (Some great step-by-step pics here for you visual learners)

Last but definitely not least is the soft and cuddly blanket I made!

I LOVE this blanket! This was my own idea! No tutorial, so I just made up my own measurements and it turned out so beautifully! I used flannel for the top and cuddle fleece for the bottom, both of which I got at Jo-Ann's. It's actually a pretty big blanket. It is easily big enough to cover a crib mattress. I just love how soft and sweet it is! I hope my future little second cousin gets lots of snuggle time with it!

Well that is all! Here is a pic of all the gifts together, plus some store bought pj's my mom picked out, which I think are super cute!

Hope you enjoyed! Happy Sewing!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Sewing

In my last post, I shared the Tiny Artists I made for my nieces and second cousins for Valentine's Day. Today, I want to share with you the rest of my nieces' gifts. I am so so very proud of this project because I did it all on my own. No tutorial, no pattern, just an idea that formed in my head a while ago that I finally tried! Let me present to you the Peekaboo Heart Pillow Cover (that is what I am naming the project...I think!)!

Peekaboo Heart Pillow Covers!
Aren't they adorable??? I was so pleased with how they turned out! I seriously did a little dance when I finished them!

The idea to put their initials on them came much later than the actual heart/pillow idea came, but it came before I actually sat down to do this project.

Close-Up # Two
Almost two weeks before attempting these pillows, I did a practice run using muslin. I was scared to cut into this adorable fabric before I actually knew if my idea would work! That might have been when I got the idea to do the initials. Or maybe it was because a few months back, my oldest niece became fascinated with finding her H's on things!

Front and Back Pic

I only bought a yard of each of these fabrics, so I did not want to mess up! By the way, I got this fabric from Jo-Ann's, as well as the 14 inch pillow forms displayed here. As you can see above, I used an envelope closure, rather than a zipper one, which I thought might be the safest and softest route for little heads.

I really want to make a tutorial for this pillow cover and I am planning to do so in the future, in case anyone is interested in making one. I have never done a tutorial, so that will be branching out! But this is a fun project and I would really like to share it!

Here they are posing with the Tiny Artists right before getting wrapped and delivered! Well that is a Valentine's Wrap! Hope you enjoyed these and keep an eye out for a tutorial!

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Tiny Artist Coloring Book Crayon Roll by Diedelbug Handmade

So I know it has been awhile, but I have been sewing (in between assignments and deadlines, that is)! Last week, I made these adorable Tiny Artist Coloring Book Crayon Rolls!

These darling little creations were made using the very first pattern ever designed by the lovely Diedelbug of Diedelbug Handmade! I am certain many more wonderful patterns will color her future!

I made six Tiny Artists last week for Valentine's Day gifts for my two nieces and four second cousins! They were the perfect gifts! All the little recipients loved them! I thought it would be fun to personalize them, so I used some felt and added their initials to the front! My niece knows her H's and loves to find them!

Not only is this a fun, fast sew, but it also requires just a few supplies! A great fat quarter/scrap buster project!!! There are no pattern pieces to print out, which means no printing and no cutting out the pattern before beginning! Directions are crystal clear and a helpful diagram is provided! Seriously, this is a great pattern for beginners and a nice relaxing, quick sew for the more advanced.

The Tiny Artists are great for travel, party favors, pre-school graduation gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, Easter baskets, and even stocking stuffers (It's NEVER to early to start planning for Christmas!)! So go get this pattern ASAP over at Craftsy for the very low price of only $2!!!

Also, be sure to go check out Diedelbug on facebook and etsy! You know all those Swoon patterns I test and love to make??? Well, the amazing owner of Deidelbug Handmade is THE queen of bag making! And guess what??? She sells custom bags like Stella and Betty and pretty much all Swoon bags and beyond! She is so talented, so if you can't sew or don't have the time, let Deidelbug make you the bag of your dream! Or pick up a set of ready to ship Tiny Artists!

Happy Sewing!