Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Business Cards and Tags Have Arrived!!!!

My business cards and tags are here! And I LOVE them!!!!

What do you think? Pretty amazing I know! They had to have their own little photo shoot! :)

By the way, I had them printed through Staples.com and I think they did an excellent job. The paper quality is amazing! And you couldn't beat the price or the free shipping!

Well another step closer to opening up shop!!! Yay!!!! Oh and these lovely business cards were of course designed by One 89 Art & Design! Check out more of her work on facebook!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Etsy shop in the making and new logo

Well I think this is the first post I am mentioning this in, but I have been working on opening my etsy shop for the past couple of months. A large part of this process has been creating my logo. A wonderful pal from college has been working on designing it for me and she has done an amazing job! Go visit my facebook page Accents by Meme Mae and check it out!

Anyways, more about my shop! Accents will obviously be my theme. Primarily, I will be sell infinity scarves. I will also sell some clutches and some bags in the future. It is my hope to add a splash of color to my customers' lives with my handmade accents. Anyways, I will keep you posted on the progress and be sure to announce the grand opening!

Happy Sewing 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Swoon Pattern Review of Eloise

Back in January, I announced the release of Eloise, Swoon's first wallet pattern, in this post and shared a pic of a halfway completed Eloise. I must confess I still have not finished that Eloise! Haha I am the worst for starting a project, setting it aside, and promising to come back to it.....I rarely finish such projects, because I always want to start from the beginning! I have, however, finally made an Eloise! Last month, the lovely Brianne from Ali Cat & Co. hosted an Eloise sew-a-long and I was inspired to finally make Eloise from start to finish. Thanks to Brianne's wonderful daily breakdown of the project, I tackled the project with determination and finished it during a very busy week. Here are some pics of my completed Eloise, along with my review of the pattern.

Front view (trifold flap)
I love the floral print I chose! And I think the purple polka-dots compliment it well! A great thing about Eloise is you can use a fat quarter for the exterior fabric! I always love projects that use fat quarters!

Back view
I am in the process of getting my own logo and new labels, but since I still have so many of my old ones I still use them for my personal projects. And a label just adds such a professional touch!

As you can tell from the above pics, Eloise is a zip around wallet that has a trifold compartment attached to one side. You can actually make the trifold by itself for a smaller wallet or you can leave off the trifold compartment, especially if you do not have a lot of cards. The complete Eloise has so many card slots; 18 total, I believe. See for yourself!

Card slots in trifold compartment (ten total, two not being used)
The trifold compartment has ten card slots and a bill slot. This is a great place to store your frequently used cards. Trifold is secured with a magnetic snap.

Inside the main compartment, are eight more card compartments, four on each side. There are also two bill slots, one on each side behind the card slots. Right in the center is a great zipper pouch, perfect for holding your cell phone and keys! Things you definitely don't want to loose!

Honestly, with all this room, you may choose not to carry around a bag! But if you do, you can now make an Eloise to match each of your Swoon bags! :)

Supplies needed for Eloise include the following: one fat quarter of quilting cotton for exterior, one yard of quilting cotton for lining fabric, 1/4 yard of double sided fusible peltex (this is wicked stuff!), 1/2 yard of craftfuse, one magnetic snap, one 18inch #5 zipper (you can purchase these at Wawak.com), and one regular 8 inch zipper.

Eloise is definitely NOT a beginner pattern, but it can be accomplished by the determined, patient sewer! The pattern provides clear instructions and excellent visuals. And if you need more help, I encourage you to visit Ali Cat & Co.'s blog and follow the daily sew-a-long instructions, which are still available. Along with breaking the project down into very manageable steps, Brianne provides some excellent pics and videos to guide you. I encourage you to check them out. And join the wonderful Swoon Patterns Group on facebook where you can get more help and encouragement for all your Swoon Sewing and where you can meet other obsessed Swoonies! ;) Hurry on over and purchase Eloise today!

Happy Sewing!

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Welcome to the Newest Swoon Pattern: India Hobo Bag

I am so excited to share with you the newest Swoon Pattern that has just been released today!!! I know I love them all, but the India Hobo Bag is now my favorite bag! Check out my own special India!

Is she not dreamy?????? I keep staring at her and can't seem to leave the house without her, even if I don't need a bag!

Doesn't she just hang so nicely??? The strap width and length is perfect! Leave it long and wear it crossbody style or tie a knot and throw it over your shoulder and wear it shorty style!

I normally do not fuss over my cutting but for India, I took my time and made sure I  cut the fabric so the bird would be front and center! I was very pleased with how it turned out! By the way, both the interior and exterior fabric are Premier Prints and home decor fabric. Both were purchased online through fabric.com.

 Anyways, enough showing her off! Let's get to the pattern specifics! The India Hobo bag pattern comes with two size options! (The size option shown here is the larger one) The specific dimensions of each size are listed on the pattern. This is a fairly easy sew. Not as easy or quick as Coraline by any means, but I think she may be slightly easier than Eleanor. If you are familiar with Swoon Patterns, you will recognize those patterns. If not, check them out! They are great too! But back to India. She will probably take you around three hours to cut and sew, maybe more, maybe less depending on your skill level. The only supplies required are fabric, interfacing, and two 7" zippers. There is no hardware. You can use either home decor or quilting cotton fabric. As I said, I used home decor for both fabrics and I did not use interfacing, since this was duck cloth, a much thicker fabric. I love the thickness of it and yet it slouches just perfectly. Some people still prefer to use interfacing even with the home decor fabric, so follow your preference.

As to her style, India is completely reversible, so you can get two looks in one bag! There are two zipper pockets, one on the outside and one on the inside. The outside zip pocket is perfect for you cell phone and keys; things you want easy access too but don't want to slip out!

There are also two slip pockets, again one on the outside and the other on the inside, both right below the zipper pockets. These are excellent for holding your e-reader or sunglasses perhaps! Your wallet can go inside the bag or safely tuck it in the interior zipper pocket!  Obviously, you have plenty of storing options with this bag!

This bag is truly amazing and a must have! Every time I throw it on, it reminds me that spring and summer are nearing! Why??? Maybe it is because the sun has been shinning this week and I have filled India with my sunglasses and nook and headed out to read in the sun! Or maybe it is just because looking at this bag brightens my day! haha

Well what are you waiting for?? Go check out the India Hobo Bag out at Swoon Sewing Patterns today! Happy Sewing!

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A FREE Swoon Pattern!!!

Super exciting announcement for any of you cardigan fans out there! The Swoon Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern (both sizes-women and girls!!) is now FREE!!!! How exciting is that!!!! If you have followed my blog at all you will know how much I LOVE this pattern! I made like three of the women's size and then one of the girls' size!  Remember I shared them here, here, here, and here!!!

Of course, you may not feel like looking back at all those posts, so I will just share some pics here, as well.

Cardigan One

Cardigan Two

Cardigan Three

Girl's Version
This cardigan is so comfy and you can make it casual or dressy or whatever you want! Have fun with it! And if you have a little girl, make some mommy and me matching ones! Go get your Scarf Neck Cardigan (Women) and Scarf Neck Cardigan (Girls) today!!! What do you have to loose? It's FREE!!! :) Oh and if you want to add cuffs to the sleeves like I did in pic number three, I shared some short directions here.

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