Thursday, October 3, 2013

Paco Bean Cardigan!!!

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So I cannot remember when I first discovered Paco Bean, but I believe I bought my first Paco Bean pattern this summer around the beginning of August. Unfortunately, at the time, I was knee deep in two grad courses. It wasn't until last month that I was able to actually make something from one of the Paco Bean patterns I had accumulated. The first item I made was the Eleanor Slouchy Hobo bag, which I blogged about in this post. I fell in LOVE with this pattern and the final product! I felt like I had made a professional purse (perhaps that is because it LOOKS so professional??)! :) I have gotten many compliments on this lovely bag.

Now this week, once again, I have fallen in LOVE with another Paco Bean pattern: the Scarf Neck Cardigan! This is the newest Paco Bean pattern available and it is a beauty!! Once you make one, you will need to make at least half a dozen more.... :) I think that is reasonable...

Take a look at my little beauty!

Front pic!
Isn't it gorgeous??? I love the way it fits! The scarf neck drapes so perfectly!  I love everything about the dimensions of this pattern. I love all the curves and points, the princess seams, etc.

Side pic of front them! 

Close-up of princess seams...first time making them!
As for the pattern, the instructions are so easy to follow! There are instructions for finishing your seams which a french seam or you can use your serger or you don't have to finish the seams at all. I used my serger to make this one. Seriously, I love my serger when it comes to sewing with knits! I hemmed the sleeves, bottom edge, and the raw edges of the scarf neck using a double-pointed needle. You really don't have to hem anything if you like the raw edged look, and it does make this an even quicker project. All of the pattern pieces fit together perfectly. From the look of the cardigan, it seems like a complicated project, but really that's the cool secret! It isn't! But hey, go ahead and let your admirers be impressed with your sewing skills.

For this cardigan, I used a very light weight knit. It is a light blue Jersey knit with burnout Damask print. I bought this on for $2.99 a yard! Pretty good steal! Oh and fyi, this is the medium size of the cardigan.....I think I could maybe get away with the small, which I might try next time. This particular knit wasn't super stretchy. Plus I wanted room to be able to layer over a long sleeve shirt since it is so thin and I live in the cold Northwest.

I have only one warning about this pattern: it is addicting! You will want to make many more, which means you might need to shop for some new knit fabric, which means your husband may let out a long sigh, which means you will need to show him the great prices you can find at Girl Charlee and ;) At least, that is my plan.

So I will admit I now own almost all of the Paco Bean patterns available to date, but unfortunately, grad school is still keeping me busy. I do, however, have a week break coming up and I can't wait to make another Paco Bean bag.....perhaps the Dorothy Day Tripper or the Rosie Crossbody Bag???? Decisions decisions!!! Of course, the easiest solution would be to make them both. :) Stay posted....hopefully you will see one of each in the near future....and another scarf neck cardigan or two or three....or... ;)

One last pic....I just love how it lays...


  1. OMG, that fabric is awesome! What a great job! This pattern IS addicting, I've made 4, with fabric for two more haha. Ridiculous...

  2. haha It totally is addicting!!! I have actually had this fabric for quite a while and wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. Then your pattern was here and I knew just what to do! :)

    Aw...and you are my very first comment ever!!! :)

  3. It looks great!
    But I am very interested in what you did whit the seams
    I dont quite understand. Did You hem the?
    I just love the look! Thats why I am asking:)

    1. Thank you! As to the seams, I used my serger for this project, which makes sewing with knits a dream really. I hemmed all the raw edges (the sleeves, bottom edge, and all the way around the scarf neck part), using a twin needle on my regular sewing machine. Which seams are you talking about specifically? The ones going down the front are princess seams, which are so cool (and part of the pattern). By the way, this pattern is free at Sorry, not sure if this answers your question. Let me know if I can answer it better. :) And thanks again!