Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Long Awaited, Much Anticipated Rosie!!

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So you know how I was hopeful Monday that I would have pics of my completed Rosie up? Alas, our best laid plans do not always come to fruition. But better late than never! :) Here she is....

Just Hangin' Around

Do you see what I see? Let's play a game! I spy with my little eye something that is sometimes blue! Did you guess???? If you said owls, you won! Haha remember when I talked about my newest owl fad here??? I did warn you. ;)

Just Posing With the Flowers

This fabric combo (colorful owls/sparkly denim) is probably more teen friendly than sophisticated young adult... (who is calling who sophisticated???) Well good thing I am a fun young adult.... Although I am almost 28, practically pushing 30, so does that mean I am not a young adult anymore??? Ah! Please, let's not think about that anymore than we have too....

Just Posing alone....what a poser!! ;)
Look at how perfect that top stitching looks??? And those curves!! Why they are practically perfect! Let me have my bragging moment, for now...

Just Posing with the Top Down

"Please excuse my slightly wrinkled look! I have just been turned outside in or right side out! And the person sewing me only gave me a 4-inch gap to slip through, instead of the recommended 5-inch," says disgruntled purse.

Just showing off my inside zipper.

Speaking of zippers..... Can I say NIGHTMARE???? Ugh! So yes, the inside zipper looks pretty good right? Well the outside zipper is non-existent!!! You know why??? Because we had a falling out after the third time of ripping out stitches! This should not in anyway reflect negatively on the quality of this lovely pattern! Rather, it is a reflection of my poor choice to use this STRETCH denim fabric, STRETCH being the key word. First, I have never sewn with denim and this was pretty thick stuff! Secondly, the stretching quality is horrible when trying to install a zipper. The rectangular cutout kept stretching and because the fabric was so thick (plus the fleece), it was difficult to get the cut pieces to fold evenly. Let's just say, I learned my lesson about using stretch fabric for purse making. It just doesn't work or I am just that bad. Seriously, though, I always struggle somewhat with keeping a zipper aligned and not having my rectangle look slightly off. Any advice from you zipper pros? How do you keep zippers from moving? Any tricks?

So, you are probably wondering what happened to the outside zipper pocket, since, yes, I had already cut it out. I could have just cut another piece but I was stubborn and had already cut the pocket pieces. So.....I just stitched around the pocket square without the zipper and I attached the pocket pieces the same way it says to with the zipper, except on the remaining part of the raw edges of the cutout pocket edges. That probably sounds confusing, so I will just show you. Just don't laugh.

Just Posing with my Peeking Pocket

Okay, this picture even shows how my rectangle slot is kind of wonky...Stretch fabric people, stretch fabric! But on the bright side, I sort of thought the peeking owls were cute... :) Haha, a lesson well learned.

Despite my zipper trials, I love my first little Rosie! It has character! I can't wait to make my next one! I already have my (non-stretch) fabric choice picked out! The fabric choice will be less thick (because this denim was too thick) and more elegant for a sophisticated young adult....or middle-aged adult...No, I am too young for that! ;)

As to my review of this pattern, let me just say the Rosie Crossbody Bag is wonderful, like every Swoon Sewing Pattern I have tried so far!!! The directions are so clear and I love how the wonderful designer divides the process into sections of the bag, rather than every little step. Sometimes, it can feel so overwhelming to look at 21-30 steps! It is so much more comforting to see instructions broken into....say 9 steps! Much more manageable and psychologically friendlier to look at. :) The accompanying illustrations are also so helpful, especially for those of you that are more visual or for those of you that are doing something for the first time. For me, it was attaching a strap slide. The diagram was so easy to follow! This bag is perfect; smaller than the  Eleanor Slouchy Hobo bag which I showed you a picture of in this post, making it a perfect purse for the times when you just want something smaller to carry all your junk....I mean essentials in. ;) Don't get me wrong; it is still nice and roomy! It also has a different style...more structured, less slouchy. Seriously, every girl needs a different purse to compliment her different styles or moods. I love the magnetic closure and the flap! I was really worried about getting the contrasting flap piece perfectly centered but there was no need to worry! I just followed the directions to a T and it came out perfectly! I highly recommend this little lady!!!

Here is one last pic....forgive my unsophisticated dress.

Well that's a Rosie Wrap! :)


  1. I am just catching up with the group. "psychologically friendlier"...that cracks me up! But so true!