Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Weekend Project

Just thought I would share some snap shots of the project (or projects) I completed this weekend! My mom has been asking me to make some dresses for her that she could give to her two neighbor girls for their upcoming birthdays. So I let her browse through my collect of patterns, and she chose Merideth's Center Ruffle Peasant Dress by Create Kids Couture. Obviously, my mom has good taste. ;) I had not made this dress before, so I was excited to get to work. Here is a glimpse of the completed dresses.

This pattern was so easy and quick! All of the pieces are just rectangles, so it is also very fabric-economical (is that even a word???). I would have completed both of these dresses in one afternoon; however, I realized I didn't have the right size of elastic for the neck casing. So, yes, I HAD to make a run to Jo-Ann's on Monday. (Bonus: Red Tag Clearance was an additional 50% off that day!!!!) The most time consuming part of this project is gathering and pinning the ruffles to lay just right on the front. There is shirring on the sleeves, but it really is easy. And this is only my second time to shirr! I will definitely be making more of these dresses.

Close-up of shirring.

These two pictures show the actual colors of the fabric much better! As you can see, I also made some little hair bows to match. You might remember me talking about them in this post. These really are so easy to make! Here is the link to the tutorial I used.

Well that was my big project over the weekend! Oh and I have already completed another project this week, but it is a secret. It is my first project as a tester! Let's just say, once it comes out, you will be very excited!!!! Don't worry, all will be revealed soon enough! ;)

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