Friday, October 18, 2013

Admittance is the First Step...

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Okay, Okay! I admit it! I am addicted to the Scarf Neck Cardigan ! I have now made three and I even--oops I almost gave away the secret I mentioned in my last post. Close one! ;) haha don't worry it will be revealed soon. Anyways, back to my cardigan addiction. Here is Cardigan #3. :)

Don't you just LOVE the charcoal grey and blue fabric???? This lovely fabric practically forced itself into my arms at Jo-Ann's on Monday. I mean it really wasn't my fault! I blame the color combination and the fact that the red tag clearance was an additional 50% off! It wasn't like I was even intending to buy any fabric.....I was going to get elastic....and I just glanced at the red tag aisle because I was forced to pass it to get my elastic....and then there was that beautiful 50% off sign hanging there....I swear it smirked at me with that I-Just-Dare-You-To-Ignore-Me look! So I really am the innocent victim here. ;) And of course, I was forced to purchase other fabric, as well. What torture!

Moving on.... ;) haha This fabric was a perfect choice for the Scarf Neck Cardigan ! It has a wonderful drape! See how nicely the scarf neck rolls? I just love it. Again, I didn't hem this one. 

Speaking of hemming, I did absolutely NO hemming to this cardigan! No hemming??? How??? What about the sleeves??? Well yesterday as I was cutting out my fabric, an idea started forming. I was thinking about a shirt I had made using a free pattern several months ago. To finish the sleeves and to make them fitted, the pattern called for cuffs. Cuffs are made from a rectangular piece of fabric that you sew together along the short sides of the rectangle to form a circle. You then fold the fabric in half lengthwise, with the right side out. Next, you slide the cuff over the right side of the sleeve, matching seams and raw edges. With the cuff evenly stretched along the sleeve, sew the cuff to the sleeve. Finally, you flip the cuff forward, and there you have it. No hemming necessary! I thought this would be fun to try. So I figured out how wide the sleeves were on the small size and then I figured out how wide my forearm is where the cuff would rest. You want the cuff to be somewhat snug. After measuring everything, I decided to cut out a 9" x 6" rectangle (stretch going lengthwise or with the longest measurement). In my measurements, I accounted for a 1/2 inch seam allowance, so my attached cuffs were 8 inches in circumference and 2 1/2 inches long (remember you fold the cuff in half). Here is a close-up of the cuffs.

I am so pleased with how they turned out! The cuffs could have been a little snugger but I didn't want them too tight. Plus, I can push them up for a more bunched look. So that was my brilliant sewing experiment! Haha and all from being too lazy to hem.

Here is one more pic.

I still can't decide which I like better: the contrasting cream or the more subtle black? I just love them both! And I just realized something! This fabric probably stuck out to me because it subconsciously reminded me of Duke!!! Haha and I love Duke Basketball! :)

Oh I want to mention, the lovely creator of this cardigan has changed her company name from Paco Bean Patterns to Swoon Sewing Patterns. Here is a link to her new Facebook page.  Here is the link to her shop. Be sure and like it! Still all the same lovely patterns, just a new name! And I am sure once you try one of her patterns, you will swoon too! ;)


  1. Love it! And I love this method of adding cuffs :-). Nice job.

  2. Thanks! Me too! It really is so easy!

  3. I wanna make another one with cuffs... haha

    1. Do it, Alicia!!!! Don't leave me all alone in the Scarf-Neck-Cardigan-Addict club! ;) You are responsible for this anyways!! haha ;)