Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Coraline Clutch

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She has done it again! The lovely Alicia from Swoon Sewing Patterns has already released her second pattern of the new year, and this one is destined to be a major favorite (It definitely was among us testers)! Let's welcome the Coraline Clutch (or should I say, the Coraline ClutchES)!

As you can tell from the above pic, I am pretty much in love with this pattern...yes, I have already made three over a five day span....oh and I should mention, I was very sick during those five days, so had I been at full health, you may have been staring at double the amount of clutches!

So why is this pattern destined to be a major hit???? "She's gorgeous, you say?" "Well, duh, Coraline is gorgeous! That is obvious!"

Aside from being gorgeous, Coraline is going to be an overnight hit because of all her many options! With this one pattern, you get the option of two clutch sizes (small and large).

Small and Large Comparison

You also get the option of two styles: Coraline the Clutch or Coraline the Wristlet! Obviously, the wristlet can be made in either size as well.

Small Size Wristlet

You could even leave off the wristlet piece all together and turn Coraline into a travel size make-up pouch! There is plenty of room inside even the small size for all your on the go essentials.

Another great thing about, Coraline is that she uses so little fabric. I only used two fat quarters for both the small wristlet and the small clutch. The pattern also calls for interfacing and Peltex (if you are making the clutch), but again, only a small amount of both is needed. As for hardware, you only need a zipper for the clutch option and a zipper, d-ring, and swivel clasp for the wristlet option.

You can make Coraline fun and playful,

prom ready,

or simply sleek and sophisticated (but maybe with a stolen fabric flower too). ;)

Another great thing about Coraline is her zipper!!! She has a recessed zipper and when I first heard those words, I thought I should panic! But seriously, this is the easiest zipper I have ever installed. Usually, zippers just make me nervous and uptight the whole time I am installing them. Not this one! I felt like I could kick back and breathe while attaching it! Seriously, I wish I never had to do any other type of zipper ever again!

Recessed Zipper

Concerning the actual sewing of Coraline, she is a fairly quick sew, with very clear and easy instructions. The clutch option is the most time consuming, because you want to spend time getting the handles just right. If you are in a hurry, the wristlet option is obviously quicker! Overall, Coraline is a great afternoon project and pretty beginner friendly, though it is recommended you have some basic sewing skills.

I guarantee you will love this pattern! And you can do so much with it! Make yourself one! Make one as a gift (Valentine's Day is coming up!) Spring is quickly approaching and sooner than we think it will be summer, which brings weddings! Seriously, isn't Coraline the perfect bridesmaid gift!?!?! Whatever you decide to do, I know Coraline will inspire lots of creative fun! So hurry off to Swoon Sewing Patterns and pick up the Coraline Clutch today!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Swoon Pattern Release: Eloise Wallet

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Hey! Hey! Hey! Eloise is finally here! The newest Swoon pattern is an amazing wallet, with so much room you won't even need to carry a purse! Okay but you might want to since Swoon has such beautiful purse/bag patterns! Thanks to the Eloise Wallet, we can now make a matching set! I am so excited about this wallet! It has been a crazy week for me, so I have not finished my wallet yet. But here is a tease glance of what I have done so far.

Pictured: Trifold Compartment

Now remember, this not even half of Eloise! I can't wait to finish the rest of her. As soon as I do, I will share a more detailed review of her, as well as the rest of the pictures. But in the meantime, why don't you hop on over to Swoon Sewing Patterns and get your Eloise Wallet Pattern today!

Happy Sewing!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Peek-a-Boo Pattern Release: The Lullaby Line

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Attention! Attention please! I have an announcement to make! :) Today, Peek-a-Boo Patterns released the greatly anticipated Lullaby Line! This line includes six patterns, which you can purchase as a bundle (and save $10) or individually. Here is a peek of this adorable new line of patterns for newborns and toddlers.

Precious I know! My cousin is going to be having a baby boy around March and I am so excited this line has come out! Well hurry over to Peek-a-Boo Patterns today and get your hands on at least one, if not the whole bundle, of these newly released patterns! If you aren't convinced by these adorable pictures that Peek-a-Boo Patterns are amazing, then check out my blog posts here, here, here, here, and here that all feature some of my own creations using a Peek-a-Boo Pattern.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Sewing Projects: Part Four

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For my fourth and final Christmas sewing project, I made the Winter PJ's by Peek-a-Boo Pattern for my little nieces. I have had this pattern for a while but this was my first time to use it and I LOVE it! Easy to follow and produces excellent results!

Super cute and cozy! I made a size 5 and 18 month. Both were great fits according to their momma! :) I used rib knit for the cuffs and a medium weight cotton jersey knit for the main body. I got both fabrics at Jo-Ann's in the Red Tag section when they were an additional 50% off. It was a pretty sweet deal and I just love the print!

These pj's are a quick sew and who doesn't love that???? I also love that I can sew all the seams with my serger, except for the top's hem, the topstitching of the collar, and the waistband. Because I couldn't fine my twin needle, I just used a stretch stitch on my sewing machine.

The instructions for this pattern are excellent and I highly recommend this pattern for beginners, as long as they are comfortable sewing with knits, which I know can be a challenge. Of course, I no longer fear knits thanks to my serger! :) The only part of the pattern that I did not follow involved attaching the collar. I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance to attach it rather than the 1/2 inch used throughout the pattern. I attempted the 1/2 inch initially but I could see it made the ribbing too narrow, so I changed to the 1/4 inch.

Another thing I LOVE about this pattern is that there is actually a front and back to the bottoms, unlike other pj patterns I have used. I think this makes for a better fit. Since I do not have clothing tags, I came up with the idea of using a small piece of ribbon to make it easy to tell the front from the back. I am sure this is not a novel idea, but I was pretty happy that I thought of it for this purpose. 

Please, ignore the long thread that was not clipped prior to taking this picture. :)

I highly recommend this pattern and I know I will use it over and over again, as the size goes all the way up to 8 years. And as my nieces love to run around in their pj's as long as they can! :)

Well that concludes my Christmas sewing project series.

Happy Sewing! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Pattern SALE: Tie Dye Diva!!!

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I have an important announcement! Tie Dye Diva is retiring 11 patterns and is offering them at the bundle price of  $15! This is an amazing deal! Her patterns are regularly priced at $7.95 for one pattern, so this is a steal! Even if you have one or two of these patterns already, the deal is still amazing. I think the Chelsea Dress (pictured in the bottom row, far left corner) is absolutely adorable! Anyways, don't miss out on this deal or these patterns as this offer ends January 11th. Hop on over to Tie Dye Diva and purchase this bundle today! Happy Sewing!

Image of Retiring Patterns Bundle - 11 Patterns - over $75 value - 1 Week only

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Sewing Projects: Part Three

On to the third part of my Christmas sewing projects. I am so excited and proud to share this third one for many reasons! First, it is absolutely ADORABLE! Second, I have never made anything like it before! Thirdly, I made it for my sweet three year old niece that I love to pieces! Fourthly, did I mention it is ADORABLE?!?!?! ;) Please, let me present to you Ellie the Baby Elephant!

Is she not the most adorable little creature ever???? Ellie was constructed using this pattern by Ruby Jean's Closet. Actually, I purchased the complete combo pattern package, which includes the instructions for making Ellie, her diapers, hair bows, wardrobe, and travel case! You cannot beat this deal or the quality of this pattern! I had never made a stuffed animal or doll before completing this project and I was initially very nervous, but this pattern walks you through every step. The instructions are perfectly clear and provide excellent tips on how to sew around the little curves and points of the pattern to get great results. Ellie is professionally designed...all raw edges are hidden inside and the trunk and eyes are attached from the inside before sewing Ellie shut. The hardest part of completing Ellie is sewing the front and back together and attaching the trunk. Sewing the front and back of Ellie together is not exactly difficult but rather time consuming, as you want to proceed slowly. But the time is well worth it! The trunk is difficult to attach simply because of the small area you have to work through, but once you get started, it is actually pretty easy.

I did not have time to make the traveling case, but I plan to because it is too adorable not to make! I did make some clothing though. I made three diapers, three hair bows, and two dresses.

The instructions for Ellie's wardrobe are also very clear and easy to follow. The most difficult thing about making them is that they are small, which means the sewing and turning is a little more intricate but not to fear! (By the way, there are many more pattern pieces included in Ellie's wardrobe-bib, pants, pj's, overalls, bloomers, etc.) Everything closes with Velcro, which makes it easy for little hands to put on and remove. Notice, I made the bows to coordinate with her dresses and diapers. :)

And the outfits are an excellent fit for Ellie! :)

Seriously, how can you not fall instantly in love with her???? My niece seemed pretty amazed when she opened it on Christmas day. I think she did not know what to think about it at first, especially the removable diapers, which of course she wanted me to "change" as soon as she opened her. :) I think she will have lots of fun with Ellie over the years. I can't wait to make my littlest niece one for her birthday.

For the above Ellie, I used this linen fabric for the body and some pastel pink broadcloth for the contrasting ears. I only purchased half a yard of the linen fabric and probably used less than half of that amount. The contrasting ear fabric requires scrap pieces. So Ellie can be constructed using minimal fabric. I bought this bag of stuffing, which was more than enough (I have well over half of it still left).

I used black shank buttons for her eyes, which worked really well.  I made her diapers out of premium cotton broadcloth and her dresses out of quilting cotton. I had most of the supplies laying around for Ellie, except for the eye buttons, linen fabric, and stuffing.

I had so much fun making Ellie and cannot wait to make another one or to add to my niece's wardrobe collection! See this is really a great gift, as you can continue to add to it! Once I make the traveling case, I will be sure to share my review of the pattern as well.

Some advice for making Ellie: 1) copy all the markings on the pattern to your fabric pieces- this makes things so much easier; 2) take your time-the end results are worth it; 3) line things up properly-the nose, ears, and eyes; 4) use strong, quality thread for attaching the nose and eyes; 5) and most importantly have fun! Honestly, all of this advice is provided in the instructions. Just follow them and you will do great!

Hurry on over to Ruby Jean's Closet to get your Ellie pattern today. And be sure to check out their other adorable patterns. They specialize in girl's clothing patterns and I have bought several of these myself. :)

Happy Sewing! :)

Happy 2014!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! It is crazy to think that 2014 is here! I remember when the big Y2K scare occurred and everyone held their breath (or at least some) as it struck midnight and the year 2000 arrived....and nothing happened. And then there was the big scare at the close of 2012 concerning the Mayan prophesy, but 2012 bid farewell and again nothing happened. Now here we are at the start of 2014.....a year that was ushered in with little ado.....a year 14 years past the turn of the 21st century. So crazy! Welcome 2014! :) I can't wait to see what it holds and how my sewing passion and skills will grow and improve! Do any of you expert sewers make sewing resolutions at the beginning of a new year? I'd love to hear them if you do!