Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Sewing Projects: Part Four

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For my fourth and final Christmas sewing project, I made the Winter PJ's by Peek-a-Boo Pattern for my little nieces. I have had this pattern for a while but this was my first time to use it and I LOVE it! Easy to follow and produces excellent results!

Super cute and cozy! I made a size 5 and 18 month. Both were great fits according to their momma! :) I used rib knit for the cuffs and a medium weight cotton jersey knit for the main body. I got both fabrics at Jo-Ann's in the Red Tag section when they were an additional 50% off. It was a pretty sweet deal and I just love the print!

These pj's are a quick sew and who doesn't love that???? I also love that I can sew all the seams with my serger, except for the top's hem, the topstitching of the collar, and the waistband. Because I couldn't fine my twin needle, I just used a stretch stitch on my sewing machine.

The instructions for this pattern are excellent and I highly recommend this pattern for beginners, as long as they are comfortable sewing with knits, which I know can be a challenge. Of course, I no longer fear knits thanks to my serger! :) The only part of the pattern that I did not follow involved attaching the collar. I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance to attach it rather than the 1/2 inch used throughout the pattern. I attempted the 1/2 inch initially but I could see it made the ribbing too narrow, so I changed to the 1/4 inch.

Another thing I LOVE about this pattern is that there is actually a front and back to the bottoms, unlike other pj patterns I have used. I think this makes for a better fit. Since I do not have clothing tags, I came up with the idea of using a small piece of ribbon to make it easy to tell the front from the back. I am sure this is not a novel idea, but I was pretty happy that I thought of it for this purpose. 

Please, ignore the long thread that was not clipped prior to taking this picture. :)

I highly recommend this pattern and I know I will use it over and over again, as the size goes all the way up to 8 years. And as my nieces love to run around in their pj's as long as they can! :)

Well that concludes my Christmas sewing project series.

Happy Sewing! 

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