Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Coraline Clutch

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She has done it again! The lovely Alicia from Swoon Sewing Patterns has already released her second pattern of the new year, and this one is destined to be a major favorite (It definitely was among us testers)! Let's welcome the Coraline Clutch (or should I say, the Coraline ClutchES)!

As you can tell from the above pic, I am pretty much in love with this pattern...yes, I have already made three over a five day span....oh and I should mention, I was very sick during those five days, so had I been at full health, you may have been staring at double the amount of clutches!

So why is this pattern destined to be a major hit???? "She's gorgeous, you say?" "Well, duh, Coraline is gorgeous! That is obvious!"

Aside from being gorgeous, Coraline is going to be an overnight hit because of all her many options! With this one pattern, you get the option of two clutch sizes (small and large).

Small and Large Comparison

You also get the option of two styles: Coraline the Clutch or Coraline the Wristlet! Obviously, the wristlet can be made in either size as well.

Small Size Wristlet

You could even leave off the wristlet piece all together and turn Coraline into a travel size make-up pouch! There is plenty of room inside even the small size for all your on the go essentials.

Another great thing about, Coraline is that she uses so little fabric. I only used two fat quarters for both the small wristlet and the small clutch. The pattern also calls for interfacing and Peltex (if you are making the clutch), but again, only a small amount of both is needed. As for hardware, you only need a zipper for the clutch option and a zipper, d-ring, and swivel clasp for the wristlet option.

You can make Coraline fun and playful,

prom ready,

or simply sleek and sophisticated (but maybe with a stolen fabric flower too). ;)

Another great thing about Coraline is her zipper!!! She has a recessed zipper and when I first heard those words, I thought I should panic! But seriously, this is the easiest zipper I have ever installed. Usually, zippers just make me nervous and uptight the whole time I am installing them. Not this one! I felt like I could kick back and breathe while attaching it! Seriously, I wish I never had to do any other type of zipper ever again!

Recessed Zipper

Concerning the actual sewing of Coraline, she is a fairly quick sew, with very clear and easy instructions. The clutch option is the most time consuming, because you want to spend time getting the handles just right. If you are in a hurry, the wristlet option is obviously quicker! Overall, Coraline is a great afternoon project and pretty beginner friendly, though it is recommended you have some basic sewing skills.

I guarantee you will love this pattern! And you can do so much with it! Make yourself one! Make one as a gift (Valentine's Day is coming up!) Spring is quickly approaching and sooner than we think it will be summer, which brings weddings! Seriously, isn't Coraline the perfect bridesmaid gift!?!?! Whatever you decide to do, I know Coraline will inspire lots of creative fun! So hurry off to Swoon Sewing Patterns and pick up the Coraline Clutch today!

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