Saturday, March 19, 2016

Free Knit Pattern: The Spring Flower Knitted Headband

Last week, our local Fred Meyer's had a killer yarn sale, and naturally, I had to stock up on some "essentials." If not for my mother-in-law alerting me to this amazing sale, I would have completely missed it! So a big thank you to her for saving the day! My husband was especially thankful to her for aiding in my growing yarn collection.... ;)

Anyways, as I was about to leave with my cart load of yarn, I spied some pastel-sparkly goodness at the end of the aisle, which turned out to be Red Heart's Boutique Twilight Yarn in Pixie (a perfect name for the sparkly confection). It instantly made me think of Easter/Spring and my two little nieces who I know will love the colors. Naturally, I put two skeins in my cart, planning to make them something out of it for Easter. What that something was, I wasn't sure of until a few days ago when I decided to make them a knitted headband with a crocheted flower. I am calling it the Spring Flower Knitted Headband.

Spring Flower Headband

It's a very simple and equally quick project, so I thought I would share the little pattern/tutorial with you here in case you wanted to whip one up for your little pixies just in time for Easter.

Side Note: The headband is knitted and the flower is crocheted.


~US 15 (10.00 mm) Size Knitting Needles

~US M (9.00 mm) Crochet Hook 

~(1) Ball of Red Heart Boutique Twilight Yarn in Pixie (You will be able to make around 4 or more with one ball)

~ A small amount of another coordinating Super Bulky yarn for the flower petals (I used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick-Fisherman)

~Tapestry/Yarn Needle


The Necessary Goods


2.5 st. = 1", 4 rows (garter stitch) = 1"

Finished Dimensions

Approximately 2" wide and 12.5" in circumference (unstretched)

Headband Instructions

With size US 15 needles and Pixie yarn, cast on 5 stitches. (I use the long tail cast on method)

Row 1: Knit across

Row 2: Knit across

Repeat rows 1 & 2 (working in garter stitch-a.k.a. knitting every row) until piece measures approximately 12.5" long. The content of this yarn includes nylon, which makes it really stretchy. This size can stretch to fit snugly around my head. You may want to make it shorter for babies or small toddlers. If you can, knit to the length you think it should be and then test it out by wrapping it around the recipients head before casting off. Increase or decrease as necessary.

Cast off.

Bring the cast on and cast off edges together and sew the two ends to join and create your headband loop. Weave in ends.

The headband portion is finished! :)

Flower Instructions

To begin, take your Pixie yarn and your M crochet hook and create a magic circle. If you are unfamiliar with this, google "How to create a magic circle" and you will find some excellent YouTube videos that demonstrate this method. Basically, the magic circle helps eliminate or minimize the gap in the center of your starting round that tends to exist when creating a loop with the chain method. Alternatively, you can chain 3 and join the last chain to the first with a slip stitch to create a circle to work in. I tried this method as well and there was no noticeable gap. You can proceed below with either method.

Round 1: In the magic circle (or chain 3 circle), chain (ch) 1, make 3 single crochets (sc); join with slip stitch to first sc. (3 single crochets made)

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 sc in first sc and in each sc around; join with slip stitch to first sc. Finish Off but leave a long strand (to attach flower to headband later). This is the flower center. (6 single crochets made)

Round 3 (Petals): Join contrast yarn with slip stitch to first sc of the last round, ch 2, 1 treble crochet (tr), ch 2, slip stitch in same stitch. Slip stitch, ch2, 1 tr, ch 2, slip st. in next sc and in each sc around. Join with slip stitch to first slip stitch. Finish off. (6 petals made)


Lay the headband piece down with the seam centered in the back. Position the flower on the front of the headband. I like to attach the flower off to the side of the front's center. (See picture below for placement)

Flower Placement

Using your tapestry needle and the Pixie yarn, sew the flower to the band. For this headband, I attached the flower by going up through the headband into the flower, poking my needle up between round two (the final round of the center) and round 3 (the petals), pulling the yarn up through.

Bringing the yarn needle between the center and petals.

Then I pushed the yarn back through between round 2 and round 1 and through the headband.

Bringing the yarn needle back down between rounds 2 and 3.

I continued in this way around the center circle until I felt it was secure. The sewn stitches should blend right in with the center, making them invisible and keeping things pretty! :) Fasten Off. Weave in all ends! You are finished!! I will update this post later with pictures of my nieces wearing their Spring Flower Headbands, but since they are an Easter present, they will have to wait. :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I would LOVE to see your headbands!! Please share them here or on Instagram using #accentsbymememae 

Happy Knitting (and Crocheting)!!! :)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns...

I was quiet all last month, due to two colds, other crazy life happenings, and pattern designing! Up-to-date, I now have 5 patterns listed, and I am currently drafting pattern number 6! All 5 completed patterns are available on Etsy and Craftsy. I offer a bundle discount listing on Etsy. Today, I finally started setting up my account and pattern store on Ravelry! Currently, only the Button Up Cowl and The Striped Infinity Scarf are available there, but I am working to get the rest listed.

Here is a quick preview of the five patterns now available.

The Striped Infinity Scarf

The Cozy Cable Knitted Warmer

The Button Up Knitted Warmer

The Button Up Cowl

The Roll-o Hat

And that's the line up! :) More patterns coming soon! Happy Knitting!