Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oops! I did it again! ;)

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Yes, I did it again! I made another cardigan with the wonderful Paco Bean Scarf Neck Cardigan pattern! This pattern is as amazing the second time around as it was the first!

Here are a couple pics of my new charcoal grey Scarf Neck Cardigan!

For this second cardigan, I did a few things differently. First, I used a knit that was a little thicker. It is probably considered a light to med weight knit. I'm not really sure about all the info, since this fabric was given to me. I love it, though, whatever it is. It is so soft and comfy! It drapes just as nicely as the other knit.

Second, I made this one with the shorter sleeves. I was going to do the long sleeves, but as I started cutting everything out, I quickly realized it would be cutting it close (literally!). So I went with the shorter sleeves. I am so glad I did! I love them!

Thirdly, I did not hem the bottom or scarf neck edge this time. Yes, I was being a little lazy, but hey it looks so good without a hem. And now I have tried it both ways.

Oh and lastly, I made a small this time, instead of a medium. It fits great. This knit is a little stretchier than the other. I think I could have made the other in the small and still been good, though, but when in doubt, it is best to go the safer route. My recommendation if you are in-between sizes or the size you wear depends on the brand, I would go with the bigger size for knits that have minimal stretch and the smaller size for knits that have a greater amount of stretch.

Already plotting my next one....I wonder how many I can make before it is considered excessive??? haha ;)

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