Friday, February 21, 2014

Valentine's Day Sewing

In my last post, I shared the Tiny Artists I made for my nieces and second cousins for Valentine's Day. Today, I want to share with you the rest of my nieces' gifts. I am so so very proud of this project because I did it all on my own. No tutorial, no pattern, just an idea that formed in my head a while ago that I finally tried! Let me present to you the Peekaboo Heart Pillow Cover (that is what I am naming the project...I think!)!

Peekaboo Heart Pillow Covers!
Aren't they adorable??? I was so pleased with how they turned out! I seriously did a little dance when I finished them!

The idea to put their initials on them came much later than the actual heart/pillow idea came, but it came before I actually sat down to do this project.

Close-Up # Two
Almost two weeks before attempting these pillows, I did a practice run using muslin. I was scared to cut into this adorable fabric before I actually knew if my idea would work! That might have been when I got the idea to do the initials. Or maybe it was because a few months back, my oldest niece became fascinated with finding her H's on things!

Front and Back Pic

I only bought a yard of each of these fabrics, so I did not want to mess up! By the way, I got this fabric from Jo-Ann's, as well as the 14 inch pillow forms displayed here. As you can see above, I used an envelope closure, rather than a zipper one, which I thought might be the safest and softest route for little heads.

I really want to make a tutorial for this pillow cover and I am planning to do so in the future, in case anyone is interested in making one. I have never done a tutorial, so that will be branching out! But this is a fun project and I would really like to share it!

Here they are posing with the Tiny Artists right before getting wrapped and delivered! Well that is a Valentine's Wrap! Hope you enjoyed these and keep an eye out for a tutorial!

Happy Sewing!

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