Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Introducing Sophia: The Beach Tote

Hello again blogging world! I know it has been forever! But at last, I am back with my latest project to share. And of course, it is only fitting that it is a Swoon bag! Let me introduce to you the soon to be released Sophia Beach Tote!

Isn't she a beauty??? I am in love already!

One of the coolest things about Sophia is her handles. I have never made handles like this, but today I became a huge fan of them. The handles are one long piece that wrap around the bag and are held in place with loops and button holes. So guess what that means???

They adjust to fit and hold your beach towel! Isn't that the coolest thing????

Of course, Sophia has enough room to hold your towel on the inside as well, along with everything else you might need on a beach trip or day at the lake.

Make sure you bring some hydration, a good book (or your nook/kindle/e-reader), sun glasses, sandals, and of course, sunscreen. Oh and maybe even a hat or a MeMe Mae cinched turban to keep that hair in place if the ocean breeze gets a little crazy. ;)

So let's get down to the specs of Sophia. As already mentioned, she has adjustable handles, which can hold a towel or even two. Sophia is massive, so she does require a rather generous amount of fabric. She has tons of room for everything you could possibly need for a day in the sun. She is even big enough for a weekend getaway! Honestly, Sophia is very versatile and should not be restricted to a beach tote alone! She has two pockets. The interior zipper pocket is perfect for keeping those valuables secure.

The exterior patch pocket is perfect for those things you want quick access to, such as your cell phone or sunglasses. This pocket has a magnetic snap closure.

The whole bag is also kept closed with a magnetic snap. Oh, and I spy one of my new labels. This is the second time I have gotten to use them.

As usual, the pattern is clear and easy to follow, with excellent instructions and visuals. I would rate this as an intermediate pattern, perfect for someone who has some bag making skills and experience with buttonholes, which really are easier than they sound. If you are a daring beginner, then I think you would be able to tackle Sophia because the directions really are so detailed.

Isn't she lovely??? Don't be jealous! Sophia is set to be released Friday, and then you can make one for yourself. If you need some inspiration, go to Swoon's facebook page and check out some of the other versions of Sophia made by some very talented Swoon testers. Or if you don't sew, Diedelbug Handmade makes beautiful Swoon bags and I am sure Sophia will be available in her shop soon.

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  1. Beautiful, can't wait for the release!!

  2. Replies
    1. Aw thanks! But it is easy to take great pictures of completed bags that are made using VERY great patterns! :)