Friday, August 31, 2012

To Jo-Ann's I Went...

Is it bad that I went to Jo-Ann's for the third time since Sunday? Maybe....maybe not. After all, it is National Sewing Month and they have had wonderful sales for someone like me who is just building their collection of necessary sewing tools. Today, I HAD to go there, because if you spend $35 or more today through Monday, you will receive a card that is good for 30% off an entire purchase, including sale and clearance items! Seriously, can you blame me for going? Of course, I have to use this card between the 4th and the 8th of next month, so I suppose I will be forced to go to Jo-Ann's again next week. is rough. :)

Today I expanded my tools to include a rotary cutting set, a chalk pen, a tracing wheel, an acrylic ruler, and a sewing gauge. No, it is not by chance that all but two of the tools I purchased today are used to cut fabric. Yes, all fabric cutting tools, minus like three items, were 40% off. Hurray for Jo-Ann's and National Sewing Month!!!

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