Friday, May 3, 2013

Wedding Gifts....

Oh the things you will sew! It seems I can't stop finding and coming up with new things to sew! I cannot believe I haven't even been sewing for a year. Is it this addicting for everyone else? Well since it has been too long since I shared a project, I thought it was time I gave you a glimpse of the first homemade wedding gift I have made and given. At the end of March, two of my childhood friends got married. The groom I have known since birth and the bride I have known since I was 10 and she was around 5 or 6. The wedding was small but sweet, and I saw a few people I had not seen in forever! Anyways, here are some pictures of their gift.

Here they are on display before I wrapped them up.
Here is a picture of the reverse sides.
I also made them some adorable matching coasters, as well (not pictured), using this tutorial for inspiration. I also printed some care instruction labels and tied a pretty bow around the finished products. I was pretty excited with how they turned out.

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