Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Swoon Pattern: The Levi Utility Bag

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Guess what???? Swoon Sewing Patterns has released a new pattern! And the best part???? This one is for men! Hello to the Levi Utility Bag!

Have you been struggling to think of Christmas ideas for the men your life? I know I do! Why is it men are the hardest to shop for??? And they are definitely the hardest to sew for, since well most sewing patterns out there are for children and women. But thanks to Swoon, you can now add a sewing pattern for men to your collection of patterns! Yay!!!

I know I cannot wait to make a Levi! The testers have been showing off their creative versions of Levi for the past few weeks, and let me say, they are all amazing. And if you really don't want to sew for men or you don't have any men to sew for, Levi can transform into.... a Lucy or perhaps.... a Lily. ;) This utility bag can be a great tote for your crafting supplies! I know I usually just throw my yarn and needles into a plastic bag or into my backpack (which is already full of other stuff). It would be so nice to have a bag just for them!

Oh and did I mention this bag is a fairly quick sew? Nothing like Stella or Betty! So if you were intimidated by them, maybe try out Levi first to boost your confidence. Well don't wait any longer! Go here and get Levi today. Christmas is only 13 days away!!!

Happy Sewing! :)


  1. I will check out the levi pattern, looks interesting!

    1. You should, Jan! I haven't made it yet myself, but many others have and love it! The completed Levi's I have seen are excellent! This is definitely a new favorite.