Wednesday, September 5, 2012

How Many Times Can I Go to Jo-Ann's???

Well, I did it again. I went to Jo-Ann's, but remember I had to use my 30%-off-entire-purchase card between September 4th through the 8th. Today was the 5th, so I did wait a whole day to go. I should get some points for that. :) I found so many different materials that I really loved and so much of my purchase was this, from denim to some wild pink with black zebra stripes. Someone asked me if I was making a quilt with all the fabric, and I thought they must have thought I was crazy if they thought I was going to put my very diverse fabric together in a quilt. I let them know I had no idea what I would make with them but that they would eventually be used on some different projects. I also bought some yarn and a circular knitting needle that I need to make an adorable knit cardigan for my tiny little niece, the little newborn sister of my Ariel-fan-niece.

Tonight, my husband and I had dinner at his parents' house. His aunt and uncle from Wisconsin were there and I got to enjoy a long and educational sewing chat with his aunt who has been sewing since she was young. She made her own prom dress in high school! Seriously, how many people can say that? I am lucky to have two excellent sewing resources, my husband's mom and his aunt!

Hopefully, I will have some project posts later this week, which has been very busy.

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