Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pillows Here And Pillows There

The other day I shared with you the big project I had completed last week, so today, I thought I would share with you one of my recent smaller projects. I like to have balance in life and in sewing. I like to complete difficult projects to stretch my skills, but I also like to throw in those easier projects so I don't go insane. Sometimes it is just nice to sit back and work on a project that doesn't require as much focus or detail.

Pillow covers are definitely a simple project (yet I think there is or can be an art to making them), but one that I actually enjoy. Don't ask me why. :) And I LOVE how a set of pillow covers can transform a couch. About two and a half weeks ago, I made my mom some pillow covers for her family room couch.

Here is the burgundy couch with its burgundy pillows. I know, lots of burgundy! But let me tell you this is the most comfortable couch in the world! For real! 

So with all that burgundy, we decided to add a pop of color.

What do you think? Same comfy couch and pillows with a new splash of color.

I made these covers with a deep envelope closure, which makes for no gaping holes and easy removal. Plus, you can actually wash these covers!

See that nice generous closure? Remember how I said that pillow covers are simple, yet there can be an art to them? Well I was referring to their construction. This pillow cover could be whipped out in 10-15 min, from cut to finish. However, I like to make professional looking pillow covers. Professional pillow covers have finished seams and reinforced tension points. To finish the raw edges of my seams, I used my serger. And to reinforce this pillow cover, I used a triple stitch along both edges.

Now another method for making removable pillow covers is the invisible zipper method. I like this method as well, primarily because both sides of the pillow can be displayed. Several months ago, I made my mom a set of pillow covers with this type of closure for her front living room couch. Here are some before and after pictures of those as well.

This is Ty Pennington home decor fabric that I really got for a steal! I just love the feel and look of this fabric. The flowers have a velvety-like texture.

Close up

Invisible Zipper
See how nice this closure is? It really is practically invisible. And the zipper was the perfect blue, which makes the zipper tab even harder to see.

So which pillow cover closure do you prefer?

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