Monday, November 25, 2013

What a Betty!

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Today is a VERY special day! :) Well yes, it is my birthday, so of course, I am partial to this day! :) However, today is also Betty's birthday (or debut)! Who is Betty you ask??? Why she is the newly released (as in TODAY) Betty Bowler Bag by Swoon Sewing Patterns !!!!
Can I just say I LOVE this pattern????? Yes, I know I say this about every Swoon pattern, but Betty is my most favorite (Sorry Stella, Eleanor, and Rosie! I still love you all too)!!!! There is just something about her. She really is a true Betty! A classic/vintage beauty, a babe of a bag!

So without further ado, here is .....(drum roll)....BETTY Swoon Sewing Patterns!!!

Isn't she one classy lady?!?!?! Can't you see why she is my ultimate fav????? Now that you have gotten some good visuals, let's discuss her specs!

First, she has great structure, as you can tell from her photo shoot above. This structure is created using Craft Fuse and Fleece interfacing. This was my first time using Craft Fuse and I love it! It sure adds structure and crispness to fabric! Like Stella, she also has a stiff bottom that is made using two pieces of Peltex. (All of the interfacing/stabilizers used to make this bag are Pellon products and can be purchased at Jo-Ann's.)

Secondly, she has beautiful piping that really adds to her classic beauty. This was my first time with piping (well minus one other attempt but I never completed that project and it was only a short straight line)! I was nervous but it really turned out well. There are so many tutorials out there too that really help you overcome any piping apprehensions! And if you are just too scared, you can make Betty without piping, as a few of the Swoon testers did (and they were all lovely!). The pattern also shows you how to make your own piping, which is nice since it is often hard to find pre-made piping that matches your fabric choices perfectly. I got lucky, so I went the easy (lazy) route. :)

By the way, this video showed me an easy method for connecting piping.

Thirdly, this pattern is so versatile. She has different handle options. You can use hardware like I did or you can make them without. Instructions are given for both.  (Hardware purchased from

Her stripe panels add to her versatility, for you can use just one stripe or none at all, or you can adjust the width to your liking. Like I said above, the piping is optional too. No two Betty's will ever look alike, unless of course, you want to make twins. :)

Concerning compartments, this girl has a very cool vertical, exterior zipper pocket, which is the perfect size for your passport or cell phone or both (Betty is a perfect carry-on bag)!


Passport and Cell phone

On one of the inside panels, there is one long slip pocket that extends the length of the bag; perfect for your Nook or Tablet! :)

Now lets have a size comparison. Here is a picture of Betty alongside Stella, so you can see the difference.

They are very similar in height; however, Stella is longer and a little bulkier. Honestly, if you are torn between the two, you should really just make yourself both! A matching set even! Won't you be the Bell of the airport, with a Betty and Stella on each arm!!! :)

Well I have gone on enough about my new love Betty, so I will be silent now. But I will leave you with the following song. The start of the chorus is perfect for Betty! And I don't know about you but I just felt that Betty deserved a song on her big day! :) And she sure is "strong and steady" but don't worry, you won't have to sell your jalopy to buy her. ;) (Listen to the song and you'll get it)


  1. I love your Betty! So perfect for carry-on! Nice work :-).

  2. Your bags look FAB! Great job!
    Happy Birthday BTW.
    Oh, and that is the same way I connect my piping!

    1. Thank you Rebecca! :) I have your tutorial bookmarked now! ;)